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Training online with us is an in-depth step-by-step process. Our aim is to break down the basic fundamentals; which is key to understanding the building blocks which elevate ability and knowledge; allowing for progressive growth.

1Mind Body Fitness; a self assist fitness therapy with fundamentals that stem from within the Daoist principles; found within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, and Chinese Martial Arts; (Tai Chi Quan & Qigong is the internal or healing sector of this martial arts training).; known as The Cosmic Healing Way Program.

Healing in training & martial arts is to preserve health 360 Degrees. Survival is the ultimate impetus of life. Chinese martial arts, Daoist healing, and its philosophies form the basic fundamental building blocks which are beneficial toward the healing Chinese martial arts practices of Tai Chi Quan, Qigong, and its complementary, TCM therapy. Our body is evolved in such a way that it naturally switches between sympathetic and parasympathetic mode to maximize our chances of survival.

氣功 Qigong is a healing modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The paradigm of TCM differs from that of western medicine. It is based on the flow of 氣 Qi; the intrinsic life force flowing throughout the body. Through training, it is possible to influence this flow physically, energetically, or spiritually. This is the study of 精 Jing, 氣 Qi, 神 Shen, which makes up the practice of Qigong.

How To Train

In one phrase, this program teaches you the theory and practice of Energy, Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine.

*Dao or Tao is the same expression.

You Choose

1. Online Training – video tutorials, philosophy, and Chinese medicine online

2. Face to Face via webinar/studio/workshop

3. Do both!

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Each Step is a progression toward improved skills and ability.


Learn Foundation or Basics Of Forms


Learn The Form, Look. Listen. See.


Amplify The Form Merge TCM Theory


Next Level Form Stillness In Motion


Therapy Within Martial Art

Regardless of expertise; Classic Ancient Knowledge Systems require us to ever so often revisit the fundamental basics; as you never know what you could have missed initially. After all; these simple actions hold the inner wealth for healing within the action;  also known as the Secrets of Kung Fu. The master not only taught the student to fight, but to heal as well.

Our Story

Since the 1990s International Kim-Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC) has been providing quality Martial Arts training and Chinese Medicine treatment. Founded by husband and wife team Jeff and Amanda Lan; later to be joined by son Jefferson Lan and daughter Anahita Lan. Over the years assisting 1000s of students and patients, through the integration of the science of Chinese Medicine into the ancient authentic classical knowledge systems of the Kung Fu Teachings. Dr. Jeff Lan qualified is a registered acupuncture practitioner & doctor of Chinese medicine. Excels in martial arts to balance the health perspective, certified 9th Dan World Organisations of Wushu KungFu Masters & honorary 6th dan Health Qigong technical 4th degree certified Instructor, Beijing, China. Amanda Lan heads up the business side of things but is also an avid martial arts coach and holds accolades as a certified 5th dan Sanda kung fu and 4th dan Health Qigong technical degree.

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