Simply Qi

Simply Qi

Self Care For Busy People

Simply Qi – Relax, Restore, Revitalize

Being resilient in times of crisis by learning how to be flexible and adapt to changes while remaining calm and focused. Work-Life Integration is an obtainable ability and not solely a skill. By adapting to your environment and the people in it, you are in a better position to find an effective way to guide a team to achieve specific goals.

These sessions are geared toward those we are constrained for time but seek authentic knowledge access. in a more simplified and accessible way without the complexities of old-school teaching constraints.

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Module 1Simply Qi – Relaxation & Breathing Techniques
Unit 1Overview - A Busy Persons Qigong
Unit 2Simply Qi - How To Relax
Unit 3Pre Natal Breathing Technique
Module 2Yuan Qi Shen Gong
Unit 1Raising Qi up to chest and Lower Dantien
Unit 2Rowing Cauldron
Unit 3Silk Reeling
Module 3Shi Ba Tai Chi Gong Fa
Unit 1Stimulate Chongmai Channels
Unit 2Opening Upper Burner
Unit 3Restore Yang Qi
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